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Compression Wear

What is compression wear?  

In a nutshell, "Compression Wear" is clothing and accessories made of materials such as Nylon, Spandex, Rubber and Latex or even a combination of any of these materials. Items such as shirts, pants, shorts, and knee/elbow/calf/ankle sleeves can be made from this material and are referred to as Compression Wear. The Compression Wear item is made to slightly constrict or "compress" any body part that it covers.

For example, a Knee Compression Sleeve fits on the knee and thigh area and constricts the kneecap and sides of the knee.

 This constriction/compression encourages blood to flow through your blood vessels. The result is more support and protection from future injury.

So, the next time you exercise or play sports, try wearing either base layer Compression Wear under your workout gear or use Compression Wear as your workout clothing. It will make you feel more protected and you will experience a better workout. 

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